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241 Kakadu, Jacob's hand site, "Mother of Creation", NT
242 Above site, "Father of Creation", NT
243 Kakadu, Nourlangie Rock site, sorcerer figure, NT
244 Bullo River nwNT
245 Bullo River nwNT
246 Bullo River nwNT
247 Bullo River nwNT
248 Bullo River nwNT
249 Kimberley, Chamberlain Gorge, Wandjina figures
250 Kimberley, close-up of above figure, neWA
251 Kimberley, female figure, ncWA
252 Kimberley, Bradshaw art, ncWA
253 Kimberley, "Clothes Peg" figures, ncWA
254 Stanley Island, note ships, ecQ
255 Stanley Island ecQ
NT = Northern Territory,
nwNT = north west Northern Territory,
neWA = north east Western Australia,
ncWA = north coast Western Australia,
ecQ = east coast Queensland
Initial photo is of "x-ray fish" in the Kakadu Jacob's Hand site, Northern Territory

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