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211 Close-up of dentist at work
212 Teeth
213 Close-up of different teeth
214 Flat Plastic dental tool, plus Mouth Mirror
215 Tweezers, plus Sickle/Periodontal Probe
216 Spoon Excavator, plus Williams Periodontal Probe
217  Tofflemire Matrix Retainer, plus Flat Plastic Tool
218 Sickle Scaler, plus Amalgam Plugger
219 Calculus/Sickle Probe, Triple Syringe Tip, Hollenback Carver
220 Intermediate Speed Handpiece
221 High Speed Handpiece
222 Slow Speed Straight Handpiece
223 Slow Speed Head
224 Same Slow Speed Head, other side view
225 Dental Autoclave
The initial photo shows a dentist, assistant and real patient.

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